The head of "AASC" in an interview with "Al-Bawaba News": We are planning to establish an investment fund for the martyrs games .. Cairo embraces 29 African federations headed by Egyptian personalities

The head of "AASC" in an interview with "Al-Bawaba News": We are planning to establish an investment fund for the martyrs games .. Cairo Embraces 29 African federations headed by Egyptian personalities .. Khaled Abdel Aziz ignored my offer to hold the anti-corruption conference


Major General Ahmed Nasser, President of the Federation of African Confederations "AASC", and the President of the Egyptian, Arab and African Federation of Triathlon, revealed the plan of the tournaments that are scheduled to be organized during 2020, noting that the most prominent of them is the establishment of the African Cup of Triathlons in Hurghada.

Nasser said in his interview with "Al-Bawaba News" that the African Cup of Triathlon is scheduled to qualify its points for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. The
President of "AASC" confirmed that he plans during the next stage to establish an investment fund for martyrs suffering from lack of resources, through which we aim to address Some of the shortcomings and crises experienced by the heroes after the retirement .


• In the beginning .. What are the most prominent tournaments you attend during the coming period?

- Prepare for a number of tournaments, the most important of which is the African Cup of Triathlon Championship in Hurghada for the elite, whose points qualify for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, in addition to the African Cup of Triathlon for youngsters in Hurghada and the African Cup of Triathlon Series races, the African Championship qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics and the Arab Cup in Hurghada, which is followed for the seventh year in a row, And the Arab championship for the triathlon in Sharm El-Sheikh, which is on the agenda of the World Championships for the Federation of Nations.

The Arab and African Championship 2020 will also be held next October.

• What about your plan for local activity?

- 4 races were organized for the Republic’s championships, and many approved international distances were included so that the Egyptian athletes could train in all kinds of distances. 2000 USD is awarded to each winner for the men and women category at the end of the series as a grant from the African Union to promote young people and prepare them for the future.

In addition to that there is an advanced course for referees and coaches to be organized next February, while the player Basmala Al-Salmoni and the senior team are preparing for the last important stations in the qualification tournaments under the leadership of Captain Ahmed Salama, technical director of the national triathlon teams.

• What about your plan for games with poor resources?

Plan to create an investment fund for martyr games to spend on unable champions.

Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and hand, which they can spend on their players unlike other games that suffer severely and senior stars who have made a history of the country in desperate need of support. This fund will have an important role for those who are exposed to a difficult situation. Most games suffer from a lack of resources and the fund will address some of the shortcomings and crises experienced by Heroes after retiring.

• It is said that there is a problem in publishing the triathlon game .. What do you think?

- Words are not accurate at all, there is a large spread in the Arab countries and I must clarify that the Board of Directors agreed to return Syria again to practice its activity after a period of distance, and will participate in the championship hosted by Egypt next April, and thus we have reached 19 Arab countries interacting and have activity In most international forums.

In addition to that we have recently succeeded in adding 12 federations, including 10 Egyptian federations, which plays an important role that we are trying to do to serve all countries and the publication of the game is an important and essential role for any board of directors leading the system. Egypt has recently suffered from the transfer of African headquarters.

We had most of the African federations, but unfortunately they went out of Egypt in separate periods, but currently Egypt owns 29 federations headed by Egyptian personalities, thanks to which Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, has continued support.

We must also confirm that the African continent interacted with Egypt as a result of the security, safety, and wonderful atmosphere that it enjoys in addition to the success of the Egyptian sports figures who have international positions such as Dr. Amr Alwani, Dr. Saif Hamed, Dr. Wajih Azzam and the last to join these engineers, Hisham Hatab, the winner of the position of President of the Federation Riding.

• Are there opportunities for Egypt's players to participate in the Tokyo Olympics?

- We have the possibility of the rise of a player or a player during the coming period, despite the difficulty of the mission and competition with South Africa, Morocco and Algeria, because they have players who are constantly present in foreign camps. With her great effort, and I am proud of her personally.

• In conclusion, who has the idea of ​​holding a conference under the slogan “Fighting corruption within the African continent” that was organized last year?

The truth was my idea was more than four years ago. During the era of Eng. Khaled Abdel Aziz, the former Minister of Youth and Sports, but he did not care. Dr. Emad Al-Bennani, a former youth minister, was also our partner to implement the idea of ​​the African Political Union and the Olympic Committees Union headed by the dear brother Mr Mustafa Braf, President of the Algerian Olympic Committee, the President of the ANOCA, a member of the International Olympic Committee, the International Football Association and the Confederation of African Football. .

In addition to the participation of some prominent figures such as Arkady Dvorkovich, who was previously held by the Prime Minister of Russia and was head of the Supreme Organizing Committee for the last World Cup, the President of the International Federation of Press also participated in the conference.

Our goal is to educate citizens about the seriousness of sports corruption and warn against its spread within Africa and come up with important recommendations from 14 points.

In it, we explained how to detect corruption and fight, as we agreed to establish "AASC" two workshops during the next stage and at the end of this year there will be a conference on a larger scale and will be accompanied by an African international exhibition for sport and sports tools, during which he will present the African Sports Award to honor former and old heroes at the African and global levels And honoring the current stars, and will vote to choose the best and most worthy of honor at all games.




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