Word of the President

Ahmed Nasser MohamedMy development program for the AASC:

1. Management and Administration

Working with the new Board of Directors and yourselves, in order to improve the standards and quality of planning, organizing, and management to provide better services to the AASC members, and being keen of having better communication between everyone.

2. Tournaments and Sports Events

2.1 Elevating the standards of the All African Games, and instantly work on eliminating all negative factors and cons that were present in the previous All African Games tournaments. Maximizing positive elements and pros in cooperation with AU; ANOCA and the hosting countries.

2.2 Work on studying the All African Games schedule early on, in order to have the possibility of earning the marketing and broadcasting copyrights, so that the benefit and profit becomes mutual for all partners and not a burden on the organizing country.

2.3 Working on finding a unique African sports agenda for sports events and tournaments for all games that will be participating, in marketing African sports in a suitable manner.

3. Sports Services, Refinement and Education

3.1 To have a headquarters for the AASC, as it is the “sports house” of all African Confederation members.

3.2 There is a pre-agreement for technical officials and coaches with the United States, Europe and Far East in all areas for the next four years for all the different sports, and it will be signed in due time.

3.3 Signing cooperation agreements with international sports institutions and Organizations to benefit from their expertise for the AASC members.

3.4 The AASC will have to be socially responsible towards our African society through our sport and to the African continent through a project to serve that purpose in all areas and it will be in coordination with all AASC partners.

4. Development of Resources

Increasing financial resources in unconventional ways and that will be through my experiences in this field in order to support the AASC.

Social Network


Any Confederation legally constituted and which aims to oversee a known or recognized sport discipline and which is also made up of at least (18) eighteen national federations affiliated to their respective international federations and wishes to become an AASC member shall submit an application duly signed by the President of the said association to the AASC Executive Bureau together with the membership fees.