The A.A.S.C shall pursue the following aims:

  • Promote understanding, cooperation and mutual assistance among African Sports Confederations;
  • Promote and encourage women’s participation in sport practice and administration of sport structures;
  • Foster the exchange of experiences in relation to technical and administrative organization;
  • Help in harmonizing the schedule for training courses, competitions and other events organized by African Sports Confederations;
  • Contribute in drawing up programmes of the African Games, ensure their organization and be technically responsible for them;
  • Represent African Sports Confederations within the African Sport Movement;
  • Cooperate with African Union, African States and international sport organizations in drawing up and implementing sports policies in Africa ;
  • Contribute to the promotion of traditional sports and the development of Olympic and non-Olympic sports in Africa;
  • Encourage and support research in the domain of sport and physical education;
  • Harmonize the points of view of members on issues pertaining to African Sport Policy and the management of sport at the international level;
  • Combat all forms of racial, political, sexual or religious discrimination in sport;
  • Maintain fruitful relations with the General Assembly of InternationalSports Federations (GAISF), and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF);
  • Cooperate with ANOCA,IOC and IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and ICSD(International Committee of Sports for the Deaf) in promoting Olympism, visibility of Sport in Africa and its performance at the global levelas well as inclusion of gender and all other categories of people.
  • Cooperate with AASM in promoting sports medicine in Africa;
  • Contribute to the campaign to eradicate HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, protection of the environment and the fight against poverty alongside African countries;
  • Contribute through appropriate measures to curb the phenomenon of uncontrolled exodus of buddingAfrican talents to other continents, in collaboration with other stakeholders of the African sport Movement;
  • Cooperate with the world Anti-doping Agency (WADA) to fight against doping, protect the physical and moral health of athletes;
  • Cooperate with Governments in order to seek solutions to the problems existing between themand national sport federations.

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Any Confederation legally constituted and which aims to oversee a known or recognized sport discipline and which is also made up of at least (18) eighteen national federations affiliated to their respective international federations and wishes to become an AASC member shall submit an application duly signed by the President of the said association to the AASC Executive Bureau together with the membership fees.