General Assembly

The General Assembly shall be the supreme governing body of the AASC.

It shall meet once every 2 (two) years in ordinary session, upon convocation by the AASC President.

Elective General Assemblies shall be held once every four years, preferably on the margins of the All Africa Games. In the event that elections take place during the Games, the terms of office of elected members shall take effect right as from the following day of the close of the Games.

For ordinary and extraordinary General Assemblies, convening notices, accompanied by the Agenda, shall be sent to members at least 60 days prior to the date of the meeting.


The General Assembly shall comprise two representatives of member confederations in good standing. Each Confederation may be represented by a maximum of two members, duly mandated.

Representatives of the AASM, AASJ, Confederations seeking admission and honorary members shall have observer status in the General Assembly, without voting right.


The General Assembly shall:

  • Define and oversee AASC General Policy;
  • Examine the management report of the previous financial year;
  • Set the date and venue of each meeting;
  • Elect the members of the Executive Bureau and appoint the auditor;
  • Amend the Constitution and the AASC Rules of procedure;
  • Adopt the budget and set the amount of annual contribution;
  • Approve donations and grants;
  • Make decisions on affiliation, resignation, suspension, exclusion or expulsion of members.

Social Network


Any Confederation legally constituted and which aims to oversee a known or recognized sport discipline and which is also made up of at least (18) eighteen national federations affiliated to their respective international federations and wishes to become an AASC member shall submit an application duly signed by the President of the said association to the AASC Executive Bureau together with the membership fees.