AASC President Ahmed Nasser thank Issa Hayatou CAF President.

From Gabon and as an official witness accompanied by Dr. Ashraf El Midany AASC  Secretary General, I thank Issa Hayatou the president of the CAF on the spectacular opening of the African Cup of Nations 2017 Gabon..

Issa Hayatou is a man who loves Egypt and he himself told me that there are 45 years of his presence in Egypt.  Also the presence of Hany Abo Rida with his enormously popularity that still defends the position of Egypt which represents in the CAF with a great effort.

In accordance with my responsibility as AASC president which includes football; I confidently announce that the artificial conflict against the CAF has nothing to do with the Egyptian people but the reality is that there are a few people trying to put the Egyptian people in a useful sentence so that everyone sympathizes with this manufactured case.

Where is the objectivity in the transformation of a purely commercial dispute and has nothing to do with the policies of the CAF which alone has the right to decide what its interests  into a national conflict.

I wish that we respect the mentality of our people and do not exploit  them to destroy the reputation of noble people in a purely commercial conflict.

At the end and in Objectivity sake, can you mention to me only one case in which interference to broadcast of  a program or an exclusive series in Egypt, an Egyptian product one hundred per cent happened?? And also we cannot compare the case of Europe with this case of the CAF.

Please have some sympathy with the situations of Hany Abo Rida who is going to be in a very bad situation at the next general assembly in March if some people did not return to their sanity and admit their mistakes.

At the end there are no people who work for the interests of Egypt with love and in silence like us, Long live Egypt which is respected by all the leaders of Africa and from Issa Hayatou himself also Hesham El Omrani the general secretary of the CAF and all members of CAF executive Board .  


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