The Executive Bureau

The Executive Bureau shall be made up of:

  • 6 elected members, namely:
    • 1 President;
    • 3 Vice Presidents elected in order of precedence, among which one lady in the case at least one female candidature is announced;
    • 2 Members;
  • One Secretary General without voting right, appointed by the Executive Bureau upon recommendation by the President;
  • Honorary Life President, without voting right.

The Executive Bureau shall have jurisdiction over matters requiring an immediate decision between two General Assemblies. It shall meet annually in ordinary sessions or as need arises, upon convocation by the AASC President.

Decisions taken by the Executive Bureau shall be executed immediately and tabled to the next session of the General Assembly for ratification.

Transportation expenses of Executive Bureau members shall be borne by their respective Confederations. Board and lodging expenses shall be borne by the AASC.


Général Ahmed NASSER Mustafa Kamal Mohamed


Mbagnick Ndiaye
1st Vice-President


Tahar Mesbahi
2nd Vice-President


Carol Garoes
3rd Vice President


Mahlhel Khaled


Babbou Khaled

Dr. Emad

Dr. Emad Elbnany
Technical Director General


Mustapha Larfaoui
Honorary President

Social Network


Any Confederation legally constituted and which aims to oversee a known or recognized sport discipline and which is also made up of at least (18) eighteen national federations affiliated to their respective international federations and wishes to become an AASC member shall submit an application duly signed by the President of the said association to the AASC Executive Bureau together with the membership fees.